Arastradero YB Sapsucker

Nancy Teater <nrt@...>

Hi woodpecker watchers,
Yesterday around noon, I was delighted to spot a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Arastradero Park, about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the Acorn Trail. The bird landed right in front of us on a tree trunk, then flew even closer to a small bush at eye level, where it ate berries for awhile. No Lewis's Woodpecker, though two birders told me they had seen it earlier in the day.

What a great place for woodpeckers this is! We saw or heard Acorn, Hairy, Nuttall's, and I'm sure there were some Downy hanging out that we didn't run into. Hope to see you "hanging out" for for one of our local CBCs,
Nancy Teater

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