moderated Continuing Tropical Kingbird

Bob Reiling

The Tropical Kingbird flew into the top of the bare tree near the end of the "T" intersection of Embarcadero Rd in Palo Alto CA. at 11:05 AM (from the Southwest). It made a couple attempts to catch insets from the tree and nearby cable wires and at about 11:15 AM it flew South to the top of an isolated Eucalyptus tree near the Water Treatment Plant nearby where it perched until 11:24 AM when it then flew West Northwest toward the Palo Alto Airport parking ramp and out of sight (I suspect to the Golf Course trees).  To see a couple photos of this well seen but hard to see bird (my third trip and I waited all morning) click below.  Please note that the year is in error, when I changed the time on my camera I didn't realize I had make sure that the year did not change.
Take care,
Bob Reiling

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