moderated Out of Area - Panoche Valley - Mountain Plover

Kirsten Holmquist

On a trip to Panoche Valley today, we found a group of 20+ MOUNTAIN PLOVERS.  They were in the second field past the ranch house at 35001 Panoche Rd in Panoche Valley Preserve.  Unfortunately, they were quite distant today, almost to the base of the mountains. 


We also had 3 TUNDRA SWANS at Paicines Reservoir.  A first for us at this location were two TOWNSEND’S WARBLERS along Panoche Road prior to reaching the valley.  Quite the collection of raptors wowed us including 3+ FERRUGINOUS HAWKS, 3 GOLDEN EAGLES, 1 PRARIE FALCON, 3 MERLIN, and 2 COOPER’S HAWKS.  A flock of 100+ TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS was a welcome sight.  We did manage to dig a GREATER ROADRUNNER out at the end of the day as well.


Regards,  Kirsten Holmquist