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(admin: won’t make a habit of posting pointers to new issues, but with the redesign now in place, and the recent complete rewrite of the SCVAS web site being released, I wanted to pass these along to everyone so you’re aware of them. I really love the look of the new Avocet, and the folks who drove the web site re-design did an amazing job of fixing some of the navigation issues people had with the old one. Thanks Barry and Bill for that!)(


The Avocet is now quarterly, and will be available both online as a PDF and on paper. The Winter issue, first in the new design, is here:


Archives of the Avocet (going back to 2010) are here, as is a way to switch your subscription from paper to online, which will save SCVAS a chunk of money and make a small dent in improving the environment by reducing the amount of paper used and fossil fuel needed to place it in your mailbox.



If you haven’t checked out the rebuilt web site, you should. I think they’ve done a good job of finding solutions for the problems we’ve gotten feedback on over the last couple of years, and it’s a much improved birding resource for all of us.


If you have feedback (positive or negative) about the new web site or the Avocet, please pass it along to me (privately, not on list at chuqui@.... I’ll pass it along to everyone involved so they can see it.



(also chairthing, SCVAS Outreach/Social media committee)



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