moderated Some Birding on 10/8/2019

Frank Vanslager


Today I met up with Pat Kenny at Sunnyvale Baylands.  Unfortunately the park did not supply the warbler variety that we used to get back when Pat used to lead a trip there.

After that I made the short trip over to Elizabeth and Gold Streets in Alviso.  There were a number of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs there (see photo) but the far island seemed to be deserted.  However when I used the Questar for a more detailed look, I counted 7 definite Wilson's Snipes (they all seemed to be awake) with a number of other possibles.

For the two parks I recorded 39 species.

Frank Vanslager


Yesterday I saw were two male Wood Ducks in the second pond. of Camden Percolation Ponds., in addition to the usual Mallards, Cormorants, Canada Geese, AndCoots. The Wood Ducks were swimming together. Got several good photos of them.