Brown Booby in foggy Alviso @ noon today

scfloyd2000 <scfloyd2000@...>

I biked out from Alviso Marina to the salt ponds just before noon
today, while it was still foggy, and almost immediately spotted the
brown booby. The bird really stands out with its overall dark-brown
plumage and that long bluish-gray bill, so it is easy to find, but a
scope was essential. Just beyond the A11/A10 levee is a little hook
of land that juts out into A10, and the booby was across the water
from there, standing on the A9/A10 levee, near, but not with, a few
dozen white pelicans, some double-crested cormorants, and a band of
northern pintails on the shoreline. The bird vigorously preened for
the ten or fifteen minutes that I was watching.

Stephanie Floyd