[sbb] Blufftop Park Raptors- Pictures

Alvaro Jaramillo


The raptor activity is indeed hopping out there, and if one goes a bit
farther south to the Wavecrest area many, many kites congregate at roosting
areas. In an afternoon jog yesterday I counted 28 kites, 6 harriers, 8
Red-tails, 1 Red-shoulder, 2 kestrels, Say’s Phoebe. The totals were likely
much greater as I did not have binos on me. But I wanted to make a request
to photographers. I am going to post a general request on Calbirds for max
numbers of raptors throughout the state and wanted to highlight some of the
birds being seen and photographed here. Could all of you photographers who
have photos of the Half Moon Bay raptors up online give me a link to your
photos that I could share with a wider audience?



Alvaro Jaramillo

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Half Moon Bay, California

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Hi All.

Bluff top Coastal Park in Half Moon Bay still very active.
I want to encourage those birders who have not been there yet.
You don't have to go too far to see the Hawks. A large amount of the
raptors is regularly hunting near the parking lot area at the end of
Poplar Street.
I visited the park this past weekend with Eric Nie and Adam Blazczak
and we saw 7 White-tailed Kites, 4 Red-tailed Hawks, 4 Northern
Harriers (2 females- 2 males), 1 juvenile Cooper's hawk and 1 female
It doesn't get any better than this. Five species of raptors actively
hunting over the same area.
Other birds of interest were: 2 Great Blue Herons, European Starlings
(at least 10), 2 Common Raven, 1 Say's phoebe, Red-winged Black Birds
(at least 10) and numerous Brewer's Black Birds.
If you stay long enough you will have very good chances to see the
Hawks and hopefully the Herons hunting voles.
I have been birding the Bay Area for at least 4 years and I have never
seen anything like this before.
Pictures can be found at:


Yamil Saenz

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