moderated SCVAS field trip to Coyote Valley OSP

Eve Meier

This morning, Dani Christensen, Laura Coatney, and I led a SCVAS field trip to Coyote Valley OSP.  We saw a total of 34 species.  Special sightings were distant views of a GOLDEN EAGLE being harassed by two RAVENS, the two ROCK WRENS who are not shy at all, and a RUFOUS-CROWNED SPARROW.  We also observed TRI-COLORED BLACKBIRDS, RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS (CALIFORNIA BICOLORED), EUROPEAN STARLINGS, BREWER'S BLACKBIRDS, AND COWBIRDS all in various mixed flocks. These were always hard for me to identify when I first started birding. And, of course, YELLOW-BILLED MAGPIES and WESTERN MEADOWLARKS were everywhere.

Complete list here:

Happy Birding!
Eve Meier

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