moderated Byxbee Park Palm Waebler

Bob Reiling

My first stop this morning (1/8) was at Cuesta Park in a failed attempt to re-find the the previously reported Red Crossbills.  I should note that there is only one dead conifer with cones in the park and it is located on the Eastern edge of the park.  Live cone bearing conifers are mainly located on the edges of the park (most on the northern edge).  I then went to the Byxbee Park Water treatment Plant where I was eventually lucky enough to have another birder (lost for a name, sorry) who worked hard at locating the non-breeding plumaged PALM WARBLER for me (In the same tree described by Matthew Dodder, nearest the road just past the ornamental plants).  Many thanks to her as this was my third attempt in the new year and I was in the wrong part of the facility.
Take care,
Bob Reiling

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