moderated Salt Pond A1, A13

Matthew Dodder

I took my newly repaired scope to Shoreline Park today, and focused on Salt Pond A1 which was filled with distant, but crystal clear REDHEAD, CANVASBACK, AMERICAN WIGEON, GREATER and LESSER SCAUP, etc. I was happy to find a single male EURASIAN WIGEON among the huge raft of American Wigeons. I didn’t stop to scan Shoreline Lake because there are several paddle boats and what appeared to be very few birds.

Next I went to Alviso Marina Park and marched out a mile or so on the very muddy trail that runs north along A12 to the temporary dead end at A13. My hope was to find a few Snowy Plovers which I finally did. The refurbished scope revealed a group of 10 SNOWY PLOVERS on a the northwest corner of the pond, sitting among DUNLIN, WESTERN and LEAST SANDPIPERS. On my way back, I spotted an adult PEREGRINE FALCON making repeated dives at the flock of BLACK-NECKED STILTS. I was not successful in catching one, but it tried several times.

Have a happy, healthy and safe new year everyone!

Matthew Dodder

Executive Director
Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society
22221 McClellan Rd.
Cupertino, CA 95014

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