moderated Calero-Morgan Hill CBC, Chesbro Sector

Brooke Miller

Yesterday, my party covered South Coyote Valley (South of Palm Avenue), and East of Monterey Road, into parts of Morgan Hill.  We started with birding 2 parks in Morgan Hill - Nob Hill Trail Park, and Galvan Park.  I was recording birds in eBird, and neither of those parks were listed as hotspots.  We got our only TOWNSEND’S WARBLER of the day at Nob Hill Trail Park as well as 19 other oak woodland-type species.  At Galvan Park we had 4 PINE SISKINS.  We then drove North on Hale Avenue, making 2 stops and adding AMERICAN KESTREL, COOPER’S HAWK, and several RED-TAILED HAWKS.  We drove to San Bruno Avenue where we turned Westward and entered the Coyote Valley Sporting Clays road.  This is private property, with prior permission to bird required.    Along the road we had an adult FERRUGINOUS HAWK, a group of 12 very close LARK SPARROWS, 36 YELLOW-BILLED MAGPIES (altogether in a field), 5 RED-TAILED HAWKS, a WRENTIT, 1 PURPLE FINCH, WHITE-THROATED SWIFTS, and a LINCOLN’S SPARROW (among others).  We then drove to the North end of Kalana Road where we observed 2 FERRUGINOUS HAWKS in the air (one immature).  We found a single WHITE-TAILED KITE along Dougherty Road.  Our last stop of the day was at Murphy Springs Park, a small park, but with a natural spring there - water and mud.  Here we found lots of GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROWS enjoying the water and mud, and some WESTERN BLUEBIRDS, among others.  I saw a drab yellowish-type warbler in the muddy area with the Golden-crowned Sparrows, but it spooked and disappeared without an ID.   This park was also not listed in eBird.  It did have a plaque indicating that the spring has been used throughout the centuries providing water to the Ohlone Indians, travelers, and early settlers.

I always enjoy birding new places, as well as under-birded areas!

Brooke Miller
San Jose

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