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Chris Johnson


It looks fine for Black Phoebe. Very dark head and back and a black chin. Sometimes early morning light (or reflected light in shadow) makes white underparts appear yellow, which does make things interesting.


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When I was at Ulistac late morning today 10/12/19, I saw a bird on a short stick that I thought was a Black Phoebe but when I looked through my bins I saw the front view had pale yellow underparts that did not stop at the breast.  However, I could only get an image of its side view before it flew toward and over the levee.  I was too tired to chase it.

When I looked at the images that I took, I remembered that I changed the setting for a bird more in shadow.   In other words my images of the bird were overexposed.  In editing I only decreased the brightness but the pale yellow still looks just white.  When I compared it to images on the web, I noticed that chin does not have the light contrast to the darker face.  It does have a smudge on the side of the breast.  The bird sallied forth from the short stakes and moved its tail up and down.  It was quite active.

Well, my first impression when I saw the bird was that it could be an Eastern Phoebe, but now I'm not sure.  I asked one of the expert birders and he pointed out the discrepancy also.  If someone has a different ID, please let me know.

I saw the bird at 37.40661,-121.95462. 

Peggy Don

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