moderated Tropical Kingbird Shoreline Lake

Lisa Myers

Hi all -

I led my Los Gatos Birdwatcher/Let's Go Birding Saturday morning walk today. We met at Terminal Blvd. and walked the loop that took us to Shoreline Lake and back to our cars. I had several beginners with me and the morning was exciting for all. The usual birds were there for this time of year, but seeing AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS up close is exciting for new and experienced birders.

As we walked back to the parking lot on Terminal Blvd. I noticed a bird flying in from the north and toward Shoreline Lake. It had a yellow belly and brown undersides. As it flew I thought to myself it was robin sized. I watched it land and soon realized it was a kingbird. It landed on the dead pine tree located on the west side of the lake. It never turned around for us, but sat long enough to spend time noticing the think bill, and notched tail.  I also felt the upper wing coverts looked scaly, so to speak. I have not yet received all the photos from my participants, but feel confident to say it was a TROPICAL KINGBIRD.

It was around 10:10 AM.

Lisa Myers

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