moderated Chipping Sparrows

janna pauser

Three CHIPPING SPARROWS were seen in Fontana Park on the turf outside the gate to Guadalupe Oak Grove Park at 1:30 today. I found one more CHSP in TJ Martin east of Burchell near the park bench. Two more were seen at The Strand and Meander where I parked. This area of the park was very birdy at 2 pm. Standing quietly on the berm under the Redwood trees I counted eight more CHSP, repeatedly. They were of varying hues and feeding on the grass but staying in close proximity. I walked a block back to my car and found six more CHSP in a disturbed area at Meander. I returned to the Redwood trees to see if the eight were still there but someone walked through the redwoods flushing all the birds. So I had at least fourteen CHSP, possibly more.

A BARN OWL screeched from our neighbors Monterey Pine for 15 minutes last night.

Janna Pauser
Almaden Valley

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