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Barry Langdon-Lassagne

Ginger “dragged” me out to Rancho San Vicente at 8:30 this morning where we almost immediately re-found the LEWIS’S WOODPECKER on an oak tree southeast of the dry pond, not far up the trail. It was perched on the dead branches on top of the tree until a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK swooped through and startled it. Then an AMERICAN KESTREL did the same thing and the woodpecker fled to the grove of trees on the hill right next to the parking area, where we lost sight of it.

We also saw many LARK SPARROWs and two ROCK WRENs and the PRAIRIE FALCON very obligingly flew over us and landed in an oak at the top of one of the hills above the trail.

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Hi Everyone,

Today I led a SCVAS field trip to Calero County Park. We started at the Rancho San Vicente entrance and birded along the Lisa Killough Trail.  We really lucked out with nice views of a PRAIRIE FALCON.  We first spotted him in an oak tree but he also flew by giving us a chance to observe his dark "arm pits" (coverts and axillaries).  A single LEWIS'S WOODPECKER was spotted farther along the trail also on the top of an oak tree. In flight, the bird was very nondescript almost looking like a crow or an all-black Acorn Woodpecker.  In addition to those unexpected and exciting finds, we enjoyed observing the adult and juvenile Golden Eagles. They both spent some time on the power towers and we were also able to observe both birds in flight. The juvenile was quite vocal when the adult was away from the power tower.  Numerous ROCK WRENS were seen and heard among the scattered rocks and the sparrows were plentiful.  We spotted WHITE-CROWNED, GOLDEN-CROWNED, RUFOUS-CROWNED, SAVANNAH, LINCOLN'S and LARK SPARROWS.

After this portion of the field trip, we caravaned over to Calero Reservoir and were treated to a pair of Bald Eagles sometimes sitting in a tree, sometimes hunting over the reservoir.

For complete bird list see:

Eve Meier

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