moderated Cattle Egret Flock- Cupertino

Ryan Phillips

Hi Birders,
Just had a flock of 13 CATTLE EGRETS flying in a low v heading north. First observed them on Cox Rd flying low, which instantly got my attention as it was a flock of small white egrets in a distinct V. Seemed odd behavior for Snowy, but I have seen it as I didnt get a good look of them as they were far and obscured by trees. Then I turned on De Anza Blvd and they flew right over me at the railroad tracks, where I could see the orange stocky bill, black legs, stocky body and neck and the deep wing beats of cattle. I didn't have my camera at my side. I continued to follow them north onto Stelling and lost them, so I went to the nearest grassy field at Jollyman Park and no luck.
Good Birding-

Ryan Phillips
NorCal Birding

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