South Bay Birds: Santa Clara County Bird Sightings

South Bay Birds [SBB] is a list intended for reporting unusual bird sightings in Santa Clara county. We encourage everyone to share reports of interesting birds they have found, and where.  Please always include the key bird(s) of interest and location in the subject line of the post.  If you use eBird, we encourage you to include a link to the eBird trip report that you filed. 


This list is maintained by the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society ( Their volunteers and funding keeps the list running so please consider joining or donating to them. SBB's Lead Admin is Jim Dehnert. Chuq Von Rospach, Brooke Miller, Matthew Dodder and Barry Langdon-Lassagne assist Jim. You can contact the administration team with your questions and concerns at


The home site for this list is and you can find out more about us there. To start sending reports to members of this group, send email to


Available Forums


There are four reporting and discussion forums available:


    South Bay Birds [SBB]:

    South Bay Birds (Events) [SBB-Events]:

    Santa Clara County Birding Facebook Group:
    South Bay Birds Discord Server: invite code


Trying to find a location mentioned in SBB? Check out the Self-guided Field Trips map and location descriptions at . For salt pond names and descriptions, go to


Ethical Birding


The birds we watch should be our primary concern. As birders we need to be sensitive to their needs and not do things that put the birds or their habitat at risk.


We believe all birders should act as ethical birders. Your personal year list or that special photograph could put the bird at risk or cause its nest to fail. Because we expect all birders to act ethically around the birds that bring them joy, we expect that of the birders who are on our list as well. We have written up some ideas of what it means to be an ethical birder, and list links to other resources on ethical birding as well. Please read them and act to put the bird’s needs ahead of your own. If we find out that members of the list are putting birds or their habitat at risk, those members may lose access to the mailing list and its resources.


We also believe that members of the list should treat each other properly. If a list member is found to be attacking or harassing other list members, or engaging in activities that violate the ethical birding code it may affect their future ability to contribute to or subscribe to our lists.


Acceptable Content


The primary content for SBB is where you went and what you saw.  The objective is to help other birders interested in the birds you saw to find them themselves.  Please include the general location (e.g., an eBird hotspot) and, if appropriate, the bird(s) of interest in the subject line, with any additional detail needed in the message body.  Please report only Santa Clara County locations -- other counties often have their own mailing lists for trip reports.


Occasionally the administrator will post an Advocacy digest -- no more than once a week, and more typically, once or twice a month. This digest contains topics that are not typically posted to the list but we feel are of interest to the readers of SBB and are important enough to warrant posting to the wider audience. These messages will be tagged with the word "Advocacy" in the subject so members who aren't interested can delete or filter them if they choose. Topics posted as Advocacy messages typically include updates on important Advocacy activities by Santa Clara Valley Audubon (SCVAS) and SCVAS volunteer activities. 


Unacceptable Content


Do not disclose information that identifies the location of nesting birds of any species, to minimize stress on the nesting birds and the risk of vandalism or abuse. 


We discourage general discussion on South Bay Birds, for that we've created a Facebook group (see below) and a Discord server (invite code  If you with to propose a general-purpose announcement for an Advocacy digest post, please send the proposed text to the administrator (below).


Please do not post notices of upcoming events to SBB. There is a sister list, South Bay Birds (Events) [SBB-Events], that should be used for that purpose. If you are interested in knowing what events are being offered by SCVAS and other county bird-oriented organizations, we encourage you to subscribe to this list (see below).


Please do not post carpooling requests for events to SBB. We request that they go to the Facebook discussion group. 


Unsubscribing from South Bay Birds


If you ever need to unsubscribe from this list, an unsubscribe link is at the bottom of every message, or you can go to That's also where you can view the list archives,  set up a vacation hold, change your email address, or modify your subscription in any way. 


South Bay Birds and Birdwatching in Silicon Valley are affiliated with the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society (, which offers classes and outings around the county, so if you're interested in learning more about birding in the county or joining other birders in going out birding, they can help you find an outing that matches your interests. 

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