SOTA in the VK1 (Canberra) area

SOTAvk1area is a discussion forum primarily for radio amateurs interested in Summits On The Air (SOTA) and who live in or near the vk1 area, which is the Australian Capital Territory. Membership is not limited to that area. Topics discussed are SOTA-related social events, group purchases, activation days, technical questions, coordination for the above and more. 

General discussion about SOTA that would benefit from wider coverage should ideally be on the SOTA_Australia group, which is OZSOTA at  The decision on where to discuss a topic is up to the originator and no policing is offered by the group owner or moderator. 

In December 2022, we decided to open the group to similar discussions regarding WWFF and HEMA and other recognised programs of outdoor activity requiring amateur radio contacts made from summits, parks, silos, huts, lakes or whatever.  

The group is configured as a private group requiring new members to join it, and the first post by any member is not published until it is approved by a moderator.  Posts are viewable by anyone.  Email addresses mentioned in are masked to reduce the odds of spammers harvesting email addresses in bulk.  However as a precaution and out of respect to other group members, please don't publish private contact details (address, phone numbers or email address) of anyone in your posts. 

Treat your fellow subscribers with respect. Refrain from making personal observations, there are other sites that seem to encourage that, we don't. 

New Subscribers: your request to join the group will be approved promptly if you 
have a recognised callsign in your email address.  
If you don’t have a callsign in your address, please do two things to make the process work more smoothly. 
1. Select “Join this group”
2. Send an email to stating your callsign and requesting approval for your new subscription.  Your subscription request will be approved promptly if you do that. 
3. Update your details under the menu path Subscription > Group Profile, where you can add your callsign to your screen name, or choose a user name that includes your callsign.  

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