Important notice, COVID-19 health & safety @ AAA annual conference

Ayo Wahlberg

On behalf of SMA President



NOTICE to SMA Members and Affiliates:


I write to call your attention to the recent policy change for the AAA Annual Conference. Masking is no longer mandatory, but encouraged. Ed Liebow informed me that the decision was made several weeks ago, based on a change in then-current local guidance from Seattle-King County Public Health Department. The several weeks' delay in AAA's publication (on the conference's COVID-19 Website) of their decision was due to staff vacancies. 


I am aware of concerns among members of NAPA and several SMA Board members (including me) about both the delay and the decision generally. As you may have seen on the conference's COVID-19 Website, the vaccination evidence portal is open, and a supply of masks and rapid antigen tests will be available on-site. That said, if you wish to share any thoughts on this policy, please reach me at smithmor@...


Meanwhile, I  look forward to welcoming you to our online Business Meeting (Nov.4th, pre-registration required) and live Awards Ceremony in Seattle (Nov.11th). Until then!


Carolyn Smith-Morris


Society for Medical Anthropology