Re: Open Letter to APHA, re: Leana Wen [EXTERNAL]

Ligia Fragoso


I just want to point out that David Zwieg, author of that Boston Globe op-ed, supported the Great Barrington Declaration. He’s a covid minimizer.

Leana Wen is a careerist who has used the high public profile she built for herself (doing shoddy work, I may add) to reach even greater visibility as a CNN medical analyst. She gets paid very well for this while working from home- something most people can’t do. Same as Ashish Jha, Monica Gandhi, Jennifer Nuzzo, and others.

These people may not be in the Great Barrington camp but their overemphasis on moving entirely away from non-pharmaceutical interventions and to the full marketization of existing covid treatment is horrendous. These treatments do nothing to prevent transmission and the many sequelae that can occur as a result of infection- clots that can cause strokes, end organ damage, long covid, etc.

The treatments are being used to justify the end of the few remaining meager protections, a tacit admission that a vaccine that decreases your chances of death/severe hospitalization means it’s good enough for you to return to work, to send your kids to school, to forget about covid and continue selling your labor and putting your life on the line for capital.

I say this as someone who’s a poc, trained in anthro and about to graduate from med school to pursue primary care (where concern for the pandemic has largely disappeared). This isn't about dialogue, it’s about realizing that our analysis needs to be better- more materialistic, more class-based, less focused on liberal notions of “equity and diversity” that do nothing but window dress fundamentally undemocratic and elite institutions and the wealthy people that govern them.

I’m happy to send along more in-depth articles/essays/interviews that expand on the very quick message I wrote above. Also happy to elaborate and clarify as needed, and apologies for typos.

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