Tourism and Sexual Misconduct and Sex Crimes Some Research Starting Points

David P. Dillard



Tourism and Sexual Misconduct and Sex Crimes Some Research Starting Points



Title  Unholy Nexus - Male Child Sexual Exploitation in Pilgrim Tourism Sites in India

Publisher  EQUATIONS





Title  Exploitation of Children in Tourism: Child Sexual Abuse and Child Labour in Tourism in Madhya Pradesh : in the Heart of Incredible India

Authors     Equations (Organization), Vikas Samvad (Organization)

Contributor       CRY--Child Rights and You (Organization : India)

Published 2013

Length       64 pages




The Incidence of Sexual Exploitation of Children in Tourism

Authors     Christine Beddoe, Colin Michael Hall, Chris Ryan

Contributors      Christine Beddoe, Colin Michael Hall, Chris Ryan, World Tourism Organization

Publisher  World Tourism Organization, 2001

Original from    University of California, Berkeley

Digitized   Mar 15, 2017

ISBN 9284405009, 9789284405008

Length       165 pages



Tourism and Sex: Culture, Commerce and Coercion

Tourism and Sex: Culture, Commerce, and Coercion, Stephen Clift

Tourism, leisure, and recreation series

Editors       Stephen Clift, Simon Carter

Edition      illustrated

Publisher  Cengage Learning EMEA, 2000

ISBN 1855676362, 9781855676367

Length       297 pages





Tourism and Responsibility: Perspectives from Latin America and the Caribbean

Authors     Martin Mowforth, Clive Charlton, Ian Munt

Edition      illustrated

Publisher  Taylor & Francis, 2008

ISBN 0415423643, 9780415423649

Length       243 pages





Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Springer Briefs in Psychology

Springe rBriefs in Behavioral Criminology

Authors     Brandy Bang, Paige L. Baker, Alexis Carpinteri, Vincent B. Van Hasselt

Edition      illustrated

Publisher  Springer Science & Business Media, 2013

ISBN 3319018787, 9783319018782

Length       57 pages





A Situational Analysis of Child Sex Tourism in India

Publisher  EQUATIONS





Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children

Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse: CETS No. 201,

Opened for Signature in Lanzarote (Spain), on 25 October 2007 and Explanatory Report

Volume 201 of Council of Europe treaty series

Legal instruments

Contributor       Council of Europe

Publisher  Council of Europe, 2008

ISBN 9287163502, 9789287163509

Length       98 pages





International Sex Trafficking of Women and Children:

Understanding the Global Epidemic

Editors       Leonard Territo, George Kirkham

Publisher  Looseleaf Law Publications, 2010

ISBN 1932777865, 9781932777864

Length       511 pages





Rights of the Child in the Context of Tourism - A Compilation

Publisher  EQUATIONS





Sexual Abuse of Children: A Human Rights Perspective

Author       Roger J. R. Levesque

Publisher  Indiana University Press, 1999

ISBN 0253334713, 9780253334718

Length       350 pages





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Chesney-Lind, Meda, and Ian Y. Lind.

"Visitors as victims crimes against tourists in Hawaii."

Annals of Tourism Research 13, no. 2 (1986): 167-191.


















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