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SoCal SOTA CW Sked Format (PROPOSED)

The purpose of the sked is to improve CW listening and sending skills in general, not just for SOTA, with an emphasis on QRP and weak signals. During the sked, operators are encouraged make contact and rag chew to maximize the listening and sending time. It is recommended that slower code speeds (5 - 15WPM) stick to the lower parts of our sub-bands, and that higher code speeds (>15 WPM) stick to the upper parts. Since the focus is on QRP, contact can be made using QSK format, which allows an operator to break in at any time by using a single dit. Given that we're in a solar minimum with poor band conditions, here are some useful abbreviations you can use, especially if operating QRP:

  • QSK - Please operate in full break in mode (interrupt me if you need to)
  • ? - Please repeat
  • AA - Please repeat "all after <word>"
  • AB - Please repeat "all before <word>"
  • WB - Please repeat "word before <word>"
  • WA - Please repeat "word after <word>"

Please keep in mind that many of us are still learning CW, and your patience will be much appreciated.

SoCal SOTA CW Sked Sub-bands

  • QRP Sub-band (7.090 - 7.100) - Less than 10 watts only
  • All Power Sub-band (7.100 - 7.110) - Any power level