Raffle? RAFFLE!? #sotafest

Kim Cary KC6ARY

I was just re-reading the Wiki info page for #sotafest. We can be registered participants and there will be a raffle? 
  1. What are the thoughts on the mechanics/cost of registration?
  2. How will we get the raffle prizes?
There are some clever or clumsy (me) makers in the group that could contribute prizes. If we had some registrations, I'd be willing to contact a couple mfg where I'm a customer (Ed Fong or Elk Antennas) to see if we could get a free or discounted or deluxe product for the raffle prize in exchange for some hype/promo.

Mike Molina

Hi Kim,

I love where you're going with this. For this year's event to keep it simple, Adam Kimmerly (K6ARK) has got an antenna or two that we're going to raffle out. I'll pay the shipping :) I'll provide more details here soon, but pretty much anyone who is in the event database for this year will be considered an entrant. No cost for the event this year, but maybe next year we can collect raffle entries for a few bucks for some sweet prizes.

- Mike (KN6EZE)