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Stonewall Peak, Rancho Cuyamaca S.P., San Diego (W6/SC-029) By Brian KB8UIP/VE3SPG/CG3SPG ·
Logging activations spanning 00:00 UTC 10 messages By Dave AE9Q ·
Hike, Views and SOTA Activation Granite Mtn (W6/SD-033) 2 messages By Mark Grow - KG6LI ·
Hike and Views Mt Woodson W6/SC-187 By Brian KB8UIP/VE3SPG/CG3SPG ·
Anyone for Conejo Mtn or La Jolla Pk Sat Jan 2nd? By Kim Cary KC6ARY ·
Hike and Views Laguna Benchmark / Cuyapaipe Mountain W6/SD-009 PCT39.9 Thing Valley Rd By Brian KB8UIP/VE3SPG/CG3SPG · Edited
Hike & Views Sheephead Mountain W6/SD-020 SD 100 Peak #26, de kb8uip & n3xul By Brian KB8UIP/VE3SPG/CG3SPG ·
Thanksgiving 2020 SOTA plans? Post here! 5 messages By Kim Cary KC6ARY ·
W6/SC-086, 124, 171 Veterans Day 10 messages By Greg KN6EZR ·
Tues 11/3/2020 Meeting Reminder and Agenda - How to Plan Your Hike and SOTA Activation 5 messages By Dan AI6XG ·
First activation in a while, W6/CT-016 Thomas Mountain 2 messages By Kim Cary KC6ARY ·
Young CW op completes first activation 11 messages By Adam Robles - W6NAL ·
First Activation of Little Pine Mtn, W6/SC-062 5 messages By Kim Cary KC6ARY ·
Planning Your Activation - Panel and Group Discussion By Mike Molina ·
Views and Hike Viejas Mtn W6/CC-039 2 messages By Christian N1CLC ·
Gear Presentation 8/11/20 11 messages By Eric KG6MZS ·
The Saga of Flint Peak. 3 messages By Scott WA9STI ·
Optimal SOTA CW exchange? 6 messages By K6PVZ ·
Conejo Mtn W6/SC-318 tomorrow 5/26/20 By Kim Cary KC6ARY ·
23cm SOTA activation (and 2m) Saturday May 22 from Temple Hill SC-369 By Paul Gacek (W6PNG/M0SNA) ·
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