New Digital Wire-X Node

Howard E. Mahran / WA1HEM

Hi All -

I just finished setting up a new digital C4FM node for Wires-X - please feel free to use it - If you are in the Duvall area you can find it at simplex frequency 147.535  - I'll be leaving it open for most of the weekend and early this week for testing (specifically temperature management). If you are familiar with Wires-X this is an "Open" node (for now), which will allow you to connect to any other node worldwide. You may tune to my node "WA1HEM-WX"  if you want to have a more lengthy ragchew with a fellow Wires-X user.

If you do try to connect, please let me know about meter strength as I have not optimized antenna placement yet. 

Howard E. Mahran
(425) 864 - 5104