FW: Digital Radio Summer Gathering - Last Minute Updates




Subject: Digital Radio Summer Gathering - Last Minute Updates


Digital Radio Summer Gathering - 2019
The 22nd Year
Hosted by WA7VC - Valley Camp Amateur Radio Group
Always the weekend after Labor Day


Nuts and Bolts of an Event

What to bring

  • Bring along your favorite comfy folding chair, we have benches and chairs if you don’t have one
  • Please bring and wear your Callsign name tag or create one at the table at the entrance of the pavilion
  • Bring a power bar and short extension cord if you will need power at your table in the pavilion
  • Please if you must bring your pet keep it on a short leash and don’t assume everyone loves it like you do, and we request you clean up after it, there is no poop fairy living at Valley Camp.

Getting to the Gathering

  • Directions can be found here at the bottom of the page, or, 47.46805° -121.68081°
  • WA7VC Banner will be near entrance, keep to the left as you come into Valley Camp
  • Speed Limit in camp is 5 MPH - We have many small critters, both 4 legged and 2 legged varieties
  • Limited parking availability in front of the pavilion is for handicapped parking and for those having difficulty walking or needing assistance
  • Parking for RV’s is by assignment, please ask before parking your RV
  • Parking for single day attendees will be beyond the RV parking and orange cones on the right and left side of the road. Please do not park in front of RV's unless it is yours
  • Tailgate / trunk Ham Radio gear swap and sell parking will be in the same area as day use parking
  • For those staying in the Lodge parking is available in upper and lower lots
  • Tent campers please ask in the pavilion where is an appropriate location to put up tents

Valley Camp is a NO SMOKING facility - If we see you smoking we will assume you are on fire and take sudden and appropriate action. If you must smoke please do so inside your personal vehicle.

While attending the Summer Gathering

  • Agenda is published here and will be posted at entrance of Pavilion
  • There is WiFi available for email and website access, but it will NOT support video streaming, nor is there enough bandwidth for OS or app updates, please turn off auto update features. Connection info will be available at the entrance table at the pavilion
  • Cell Service is very spotty. We suggest you use your carriers app to 'Mark the Spot' of poor service, maybe if enough of us do this over the year the cell service will improve.
  • WiFi calling is available if your phone supports it
  • Ask lots of questions, don’t go home without learning something, this is what this event is all about. There will be plenty of experts in camp all weekend so don't be shy!
  • But please do not video record any presentations unless you have written permission from the presenter, some of the products and designs that have been shown and discussed in the past events have been done so only for those in attendance to hear feedback.

How you can help make this a success
The cost of putting on the Digital Radio Summer Gathering is paid through donations of everyone attending.
Donations received for meals covers the food and equipment costs, donations for the program covers the facility rental fees, donations for RV, tent camping, lodge and cabins go towards their upkeep and improvements. Valley Camp is not supported by anyone other than users.
Sugested Donations:
Please consider what this event is worth to you and donate appropriately. In the past it was suggested that $25 per day per person for the event was appropriate, adding $30 for meals on Saturday, and $20 for meals on Sunday.  There will be several places to leave your donations, the main one being the green MAILBOX marked DONATIONS in the shelter and if you would like to make a donation using a credit card see Teena.
Valley Camp is the conduit for all donations and it is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.
Online donation opportunities can be found here on the first page:

See you in a few days!!

WA7VC Group and Friends