Thursday June 13 Big Rock Ball Fields 6 p.m. to dark SnoVARC

Robin Amundson

Hi All,
I got some email bounce-backs so i am posting here, hoping to catch those that didn't get the email.

Dear SnoVARC new 2019 licensees and All Licensed Hams:
Tomorrow evening, Thursday June 13, we are resuming our second annual weekly radio and social gathering at the Big Rock Ball Fields in Duvall. Come at 6 p.m. or any time after. We hope you can attend! (We are always gone by dark).
What's in it for you?
1. Get out of the house and socialize with hams on a summer evening.
2. Get help with your handheld radio. (Or be an Elmer).
3. Gain courage keying up to talk on the air (Thursday 7 p.m. new ham net will be run by Kirt, K7KDW right from the park).
4. See the gear others bring. Antennas! Radios! HF! Batteries! Satellite!
5. Get questions answered. 
6. Figure out what you want to do with ham radio.
7. Find Elmers. (Absolutely no one can do this hobby without help. It is a hobby of collective experience and wisdom).
8. Tell us what you need, how we can help. Give us your ideas and suggestions.
9. Become engaged with club members, learn about volunteer opportunities. (Carnation July 4?)
10. Maybe...get out of doing the dishes???
In addition, Robin is bringing a piece of never-used schwag from Dayton Hamvention/Contest University 2019. It will be given to the first licensed ham to show up who has never before attended Big Rock outings.
What to bring:
1. Any radio or gear you feel like bringing. (not required!).
2. Water to drink
3.  A chair
4. Anyone you know interested in ham radio
We all look forward to getting to know you better and offering or finding any assistance you may need getting started in this Greatest Hobby.
Robin Amundson, WA7CPA
p.s. We do not meet when it rains or on the first Thursday of the month. Please join us at the club meetings at 7 p.m. at the Duvall Fire Station on first Thursdays!