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Lou Giliberto (KD7HCW)

DMR is a nightmare compared to wires-x. It even makes d-star look simple. It's not really designed to be used the way hams are using it.

For example, to bring up a talk group (kinda like a reflector) you have to kerchunk the whole group and everyone's radios light up with rx. Worse, to leave a group you have to do the same but you need to wait for no rx. I've been on where people fast key in a QSO and I couldn't get out for 10 minutes, lol.

Everything is based on radio id so if you want to see a call sign or name you need to have them in your contacts which means downloading the master contact list into the radio. That list is 100k plus and climbing.

It's interesting and fun, but some of the ways hams push the envelope should be addressed for ease of use. It works well as a system for one organization, but for general use there are some sore spots.

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Would love to attend a digital class. I've been getting into Wires-X and would love to learn more about DMR and share what I've learned about Wires-X if anyone was interested.

Thanks for setting this up!


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