NW DX Convention Saturday in Everett: info

Robin Amundson

Passing this along:

Here’s the word for those of you who didn’t register for the PNW DX Convention this weekend, but will be showing up at the door:


The banquets are sold out.  There’s no way for us to sell you a Saturday dinner or a Sunday breakfast since the hotel is purchasing the food based on the numbers they wanted from us on August 1st.  Lunches will still be available for purchase.


Day Passes for Saturday are still available at the door.  $50 gets you the 8 presentations during the day, a single Door Prize ticket (with > 25% chance to win something) and a single Grand Prize ticket toward one of the 8 Grand Prizes.  You can buy as many more Grand Prize tickets as you wish for $1 each or 11 or $10. 


73 and see ya in Everett!


John W7CD & Rich W6RS

From Robin:
Check out the prizes!! Best-ever lineup of speakers: Dr. Joe Taylor, Dr. Tamitha Skov, Ward Silver, etc. Elecraft and SteppIR there. Look at the vendor page, too. That's a lot of value for $50. Hope to see you there...

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