Big Rock Ball Fields update and a 4.6 nudge

Robin Amundson

As posted on our Facebook page, I do not want to unnecessarily risk my equipment this evening with this unpredictably changing weather pattern. I plan to bring my complete field setup next week on Thursday for running FT8 from Big Rock Ball Fields. (A fun side of our hobby). The weather guessers say sunny warm weather next week.

A serious side of our hobby: Please check in to Kirt's net at 7 p.m. It is a great opportunity for hams who do not usually check in to practice PTT for that day we know is coming when radio propagation is our most likely means of communication. Also, the club's mission as emergency communicators can also be advanced by getting as many club members as possible checking in at 8 p.m. If you have no propagation at home, knowing where to go nearby is worth the drive on a Thursday evening. That day is coming...I felt the surge of adrenaline the other night. My shoes were not by the bed. (They used to be--I got complacent). My HT was in the shack. I had no water in a container by the bed to quickly rehydrate and calm my brain. I was duly warned...

73, Robin, WA7CPA

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