Re: 4th of July in Carnation Help

Robin Amundson

Still enjoying very rare holiday with all three daughters and grandsons. So, no sale Rowland. Thanks to all who volunteered.
Robin, WA7CPA 

On Jul 5, 2019, at 8:36 AM, Rowland <k7rwb@...> wrote:

Hope everyone had a great 4th


Please mark your calendars for next year on July 4th to help with the festivities in Carnation. We really needed a few more volunteers this year.  It would be great experience for new hams to work with an experienced person during the event.  Also good for those experienced hams to get out there and lend a hand.


Besides you all missed a great barbecue and Ben’s house after the event.


Hope to see you next year.


Thank You,




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