Re: Antenna time... help appreciated

Ryan - KJ7GIE

Jim, Because of the short lengths I'm running I thought I could get away with something less than LMR400 but... being as I'm running short lengths the cost difference between LMR400 and RG8X is negligible so I went with LMR400 ultra flex anyway. Thanks for the link.

Paul, I had not heard of the GP1. Looks excellent for my use and, yes, I'd like to play antenna at some point and borrow it. Also the Ed Fong stuff looks great as well. I'll let you know when I have time and I'll put an extra run of coax in the attic in preparation for trying out new things. Your DTV dish idea sounds intriguing. I have a DTV antenna on my roof I am not using but it's on the wrong side of the house. It's in an area that faces south but facing west it would cross the top of my house as it sits pretty low on the roof. Not sure that would be any better or worse than using the attic. Intriguing though.

Lou, much appreciate the tip on the Jet-Lube will certainly get some.

Placed an order with HRO for the GP-146/440 and the OSJ-220. Price was right on these to get me started. Also have on the way the panel, coax, and a short patch of RG-188 for my HT. Seems like a good start. Thanks again for all the help.

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