UPDATE to SMAS Officers 2020: PLEA for SECRETARY

Mike Tenbus

To ALL SMAS Members:

This coming Friday we will be electing club officers for 2020. The current nominations, which have recently changed, are:

PRESIDENT:           Duane Dunlap
TREASURER:         Ayaka Komata
SECRETARY:          [TBD]

We desperately need a volunteer for SECRETARY. The officer duties are defined in our bylaws, which are included in the Files section of this website.

Basically, the Secretary is responsible for making minutes of the monthly meetings and filing them on our Groups.io website. There are no special requirements regarding how long or short they have to be. I tended to go overboard in what I wrote; however, I willingly did so to make it a learning experience for me. Most of the minutes that I have seen done in the past have been one page that listed those in attendance, upcoming events (like Star Parties), and a list of the speakers and what their topics were. I have an Excel spreadsheet that lists all members that I ask people to check off their names as they walk in the door of the meeting, which I would gladly share with you. Several former secretaries (Duane, Jim Sanders, Lee, Ayaka, and myself) attend the monthly meetings on a regular basis. Speaking for myself, I would always be glad to substitute for you if you could not make a meeting.


The Secretary is also responsible for nominating officers and conducting elections for those officers when their term expires. This year, we will have all new officers for President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  They can all serve for two years. 


The Secretary is also part of the Executive Committee along with the other officers. This puts the Secretary in a position to have more say over what the club does in the coming two years. It is basically the Executive Committee that plans the Star Parties (the where and when). 

Please consider supporting the club by volunteering to be the next club's SECRETARY.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the February 14 meeting. 

Thanks to all that have "volunteered"!