The SMAS Most Accurate Horoscope, June

Forrest Erickson

*************************  SMAS June  Horoscope*********************************
At great labor I have prepaid the June SMAS Horoscope here. 
And I want to remind everyone that, unless you get out and look, the stars and planets will not affect your life. 
This month, June, our day star will entice out the lightning bugs, aka fire flies. On some June star parties at the Cherohala Skyway we have been treated to bushes of pulsing and chasing points of light like a holiday display.  Could it happen in 2021?   Will you observe it and can you confirm that the color is more blue green than the very much more green of the fire flies down here in the Tennessee Valley?  
Up in the sky we can look and find , if we hurry, the setting galaxies of Spring off the tail of the Lion and the nice Sombrero to the upper east of Corvus the crow.  Can you notice the bright star which is a foreground and compare against time exposures to note the fuller extent of the galaxy than we can see?
Here is a chart from Cartes du Ciel showing M104 and the stars from the north of Corvus
This photograph from the Wikipedia commons shows the double star which is the north of Corvus and an arc of stars leading up to M104 so you can get the idea how to find M104.
Where is the star so east to see in the eye piece over the Sombrero in this photo?
Globular cluster M13 will be high and therefor against a darker sky giving nice contrast and enticing us to see patterns in it's stars. 
To find M31 first find the big dipper. Follow the arc of the handle to Arcturus. Then to the east is the "Crown of the North", Corona Borealis. Go a similar distance east north east and you land in the strong man Hercules. Find the butterfly asterism and on the west edge of the north wing is M31. 
Remember it is up to you to make sure that the boring Horoscope above does not come true. Get out there.