The new smokymtnastro group at -- Christmas Party tomorrow

David Fields

Hi Jim,
Thanks for setting up the new smokymtnastro group on for SMAS members.  It's a bit of a challenge to setup a new news group, but is a quality outfit, whereas yahoo was deteorating.

I hope you and all the SMAS folks will attend the ORION Christmas party tomorrow (Wed.) evening.


Reminder: ORION Christmas Meeting
When: Wednesday, 18 December 2019, 8:00pm to 10:00pm, (GMT-05:00) America/New York
Where:High Places Community Church, Grove Center, Oak Ridge
Bring a dish to share, plate and utensils, and a small wrapped Astronomy gift if you wish to exchange.
Arrive at 8 PM, start astrogastronomy at 8:15 PM.

      Visit our web home at or

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Just for your information (and to test the "New Topic" feature), the number on members we have in the group is now 27.