Star Party at Dancing Bear Lodge

Jim Sanders

Lee Erickson has been working with Ashley at the Dancing Bear Lodge in Townsend to have a star party at their location.  This will be on January 23, 2020, from 5PM to 10PM.  Here is a message from Ashley with links to more information.  I am sure Lee will discuss this at our next SMAS meeting.

Hello Lee!


Attached is the links to the Facebook events, as well as a flyer/ad for non Facebook members.

Also linked is the information on or website about the event!




Also for your members of SMAS – if they use promo code: fotb2020   They will receive an extra $10 off the ticket price – so it will only be $65 pp. at checkout.


Please share with everyone, and we already have an ad running next week in the KnoxNewsSentinel, AND The Daily Times a few times a week.



Also: we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about doing a more child/teen friendly version (not a wine dinner) we would probably have about 10-20 older kids/teens. Would this be of interest to SMAS? It would be more of a family friendly version –



Thank you all so much! We Cant wait!


Ashley Pearl Box

Social Media, Marketing & Design Manager

Dancing Bear Lodge & Appalachian Bistro

Apple Valley Mountain Village

The Dancing Bean Coffee House



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