Nova in Ophiuchus, RS, Cartes du Ciel Setup

Forrest Erickson

For those of you using Cartes du Ciel I have some files.
Jim Sanders was my wing man and we got the variable star catalog setup Here is how.

Then I made an observing list which is included as a file and pictured here:
This has objects around RS OPH so I can, I hope set up my setting circules on one or more target I can find and then use the setting circles to get the scope on the star field of RS OPH.

Hope this helps,

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Saw first on Facebook  with this comment
RS Oph just went nova! It is already visible to the naked eye under dark skies (apparent magnitude 4.5).

If you are an astronomer of any sort, the AAVSO wants your observations - and let us know as well!

Coordinates: RA/DEC 17h51m22.07s / -6 deg 42' 49.4".

Go get those images, and you too can feel like Tycho Brahe!
and found this:

Here is an AAVSO chart from the FaceBook 
Now I am wondering how to learn to do photometry with my Canon T3 by dark tonight!
And I would have to shot through my 500mm scope so that I could use its setting circles to get this field of view.
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