Motorizing the RA axis on the Do Not Buy Telescope

Forrest Erickson

About the time or after that the Yahoo group went away I was working on a telescope mount.

I have posted some information to the FaceBook page as follows:


About 20 years ago a coworker gave me a department store telescope. The so called Christmastrash scope. It is a Mead Saturn about 60mm aperture and ?800mm? focal length. It has a hard for a beginner to use equatorial mount on a wobbly wooden tripod.

Yesterday I began making a bracket to mount one of my some what failed right assention drive motors to the mount.

I drew up the bracket in LibraCAD and made several paper models to work out the design. Finally I printed out a one to one layout and glued it to metal which I cut out on my band saw. I then drilled the holes and made the single fold in a vise. After a test fit I painted it tractor yellow.

The motor is driving the mount and I am taking mild telephoto astro images of Orion now.

Video showing the polar (AIA slop) of the Right attention axis. I was not able to disassemble this. It required a thin wall sock wrench of size I do not have. I did lubricate with motor oil and improved the freedom to rotate.
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