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Forrest Erickson

Just got this.

Thanks for considering coming. We did not observe outside last night.
We had quite a large attendance, about 20 or so.
There were two young persons who brought telescopes one of which we used to observe a poster of the moon across the children's department in the library.

I think it was time well spend for many young minds of all ages there.


On 01/30/2023 5:59 PM Robert Crawford <crawfdds@...> wrote:

I assume we are not trying to set up telescopes tonight.  My dob is a real dog to take apart, transport and reassemble, and I don't want to get it wet.  
Pete Crawford

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Greetings all, 
As we begin to close out 2022 many items are in the queue. 
  1. At the last meeting we discussed a Holiday gathering of some sort. Some ideas were proposed, but nothing definitive took shape. KO (Ricky and George) are offering to help gather some time between 12/14 and 12/21. They are thinking something around Bearden, early evening, perhaps 6-7pm(ish). What are your thoughts?
I would like to participate. I fear we must do what we can to rebuild the amateur 
astronomical activities. 
  1. Lee has continued to promote events at the Blount County Public Library. Lee, keep me informed and we can put these on the calendar. 
I will be going tonight 1 December  at 7:00 and plan to do a show and tell on telescopes for Santa Clauses and then we view the Moon and planets.
  1. Dave Wells has been working on arranging events that rotate among the Knox County Library system. The earliest scheduled event would be in February and then each month we would rotate to a different branch. This could be a great opportunity for in-town participation as well as recruitment of new members. You will see events with reminders in soon. 
  2. Last we are possibly looking for a new venue. This is for several reasons, one of which is costs. We have seen an increase in costs and there are simply other options. I will be making some inquiries, but be prepared for a possible change of venue. 
We might try meeting in Libraries as public events. Presentation to public and then viewing.  First quarter moons are the best for this.
  1. Last, we agreed to drop the USPS box. Prices for the box have risen substantially over the last couple of years (more than doubling). Bob, cancelling a PO Box is quite simple. I'll send a message separately. The address will shift to the current secretary. 
I think we should amend the constitution to create a longer term position for receiving the mail so that we do not have an ever increasing list of address changes especially for the bank account.
Please let me know your thoughts on anything, most urgently any holiday party intentions or desires. 
Best regards, 
James President 2022