ASP Insider, May/June 2021: Looking Back and Going Forward with the ASP

Forrest Erickson

See below about the SETI presentation with Jull Tarter on July 22.

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Subject: ASP Insider, May/June 2021: Looking Back and Going Forward with the ASP
May/June 2021
A note from CEO, Linda Shore
I am pleased to announce the
ASP 2020 Annual Report as our first digital and dynamic version, sharing with you the incredible work and accomplishments of the Society during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re excited how it provides a unique new perspective with links and embedded videos and is mobile friendly, so you can enjoy learning about the ASP’s programs and new initiatives on your smart phone or tablet.
In Partnership with
Astronomers for Planet Earth
Addressing Climate Change
from an
Astronomical Perspective
Join us for a day-long interactive symposium to explore the
astronomical perspective as we fight to protect our planet.
A Public Talk with Jill Tarter - July 22
A Cosmic Perspective: Searching for Aliens, Finding Ourselves
Join us the evening before the Summer Symposium for a special talk open to the public or included with registration.
In anticipation of our upcoming Summer Symposium, we're giving a sneak preview with a special article by Jacob White from National Radio Astronomy Observatory and a member of Astronomers for Planet Earth.
complimentary article
STEM Showcase featured ASP program videos
The 2021 NSF STEM for All Video Showcase: Learning from Research and Practice was held May 11-18 hosting between 100-200 three-minute video presentations from federally funded projects that aim to improve STEM.
View both of these videos:
From Planetariums to YouTube: Taking Big Astronomy Online
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by Jennifer Birriel
Ever since the advent of the smartphone and its suite of sensors, physics experiments with these devices have become accessible to both students and citizen scientists.
We invite the entire ASP community to visit our free Mercury Online blog. E xplore current space news & opinion articles by our expert columnists and Mercury magazine editor, Liz Kruesi.
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