Event: Weather Permitting: Recommended Viewing Weekend (near new moon) - 09/04/2021 #cal-reminder

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Reminder: Weather Permitting: Recommended Viewing Weekend (near new moon)

09/04/2021 through

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As of the beginning of 2021, SMAS is not yet creating formal events for dark sky observation outings; however, we are noting suitable viewing weekends before and after each month's new moon. 
If safe to do so, members are encouraged to consider these weekends for deep sky viewing as moon interference will be minimal. If you do something interesting take note, take a photo, log it somehow even with just and anecdote. 
We hope that members will be encouraged to have something to share during our monthly meetings, here on groups.io or through social media. 

Weather and potential viewing conditions

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Best regards and clear skies,
James Cantu