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Forrest Erickson

Ram Bull Twins Crab Liverish, Scaily Scorpions Are Good Water Fish.
I have benefited greatly from this mnemonic because visitors at star parties would ask about their zodiacal signs and I could be knowledgeable but more importantly I know the whole sky around the ecliptic in order too.

Challenge for you all.
Develop a mnemonic for the distance to the planets in AU, (Astronomical Units ) and in order including Pluto.  I think we should also include the asteroid belt too.  

Here is a reference for distance to planets but not for the asteroids. 
FYI, Ceres is 2.8 AU


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Call for proposals


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The next SMAS meeting is in two weeks! If you have a proposed topic, please share it to the group via replying to this message, emailing the group or the current Vice President. 

This is a calendar-based announcement with automated reminder emails. Only one email will be sent. 
Please remember that a proposed topic could be as simple as a brief 10-15 minute or longer 45 minute topic. We encourage a mixture of beginner to intermediate/advanced topics. 

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