Re: Activities this weekend (solar and night)

Rick “Rex” Carpenter

Hi All,

LB and I plan on attending the solar viewing event on Saturday; we will bring our Questar fitted appropriately.

Rick Carpenter

On Apr 20, 2022, at 23:46, James Cantu <james.cantu@...> wrote:

Two things:
1) Lee has made arrangements to host solar viewing at the Blount County Library Saturday, April 23rd from 11a-1p. This was a rather serendipitous arrangement as he dropped into the library today and had much success with the patrons and librarians. I plan to join with my white light filtered scope and my Coronado PST. As such we are electing to make this a SMAS event and welcome all to join. If think you might be interested in setting up solar viewing, or just dropping feel free to respond here. I will add an event to the calendar. 

2) Saturday night (third Quarter star party). I'm watching the weather. We are looking at partly cloudy as far as I can see, and Friday looks the same to me. 
This is for Look Rock but close enough for estimates. 
We'll keep an eye on the weather, but if anyone wants to contribute their meteorological predictions please contribute. 

Best regards, 
James Cantu

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