Re: The Dragonfly Telephoto Array

Forrest Erickson

The contact got back to me right away with this:
Hi Forrest,
The current cameras on the back are SBIG STT-8300Ms but we’re in middle of a big upgrade (going from 48 to 168 lenses, and from 2 arrays to 6) and in this process we are upgrading all the cameras to be SBIG ALUM 694s. We’re also adding a tunable narrow band imaging capability.
Everything is being read out using some bespoke software that I wrote. Each camera is controlled by a node.js webserver running on an Intel compute stick (one per lens) centrally coordinated by a bunch of Python and Perl scripts running on a master control computer. Once the images are taken everything gets pushed to the cloud, where they get stacked by a bespoke AstroPy-based pipeline running on a bunch of virtual machines. The pipeline was written by our amazing grad students.
Hope this helps!
I have asked if the software will be published.

On 05/14/2021 10:06 AM Forrest Erickson <forresterickson@...> wrote:
Facebook alerted me to this Telephoto Array.
They are doing interesting things with their array. They describe the system as
1.0 m diameter refractor with a focal ratio of f/0.4.

I have sent an email to a principal investigator to ask for more technical information. 

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