Nelson's Sparrow, large-billed Savanna Sparrow, Morro Bay State Park Marina Boardwalk, 10/22 By Tom Edell ·
Banded Osprey sighted in Morro Bay 2 messages By Judy Neuhauser ·
Palm Warbler - Hardie Park, Cayucos By Patrick Vaughan ·
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Morro Coast Audubon Society Field Trip Announcement By Freddy Howell ·
Cassin’s vireo near Laguna Lake By Eric Wier ·
Williamson's Sapsucker - Islay Campground 2 messages By Kaaren Perry ·
Black-and-white Warbler, San Simeon Campground, 10/15 By Tom Edell ·
Mature Bald Eagles over Baywood By Judy Neuhauser ·
Oso Flaco Windy Evening By Thomas Slater ·
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Migrant Cackling Geese and Horned Grebe 2 messages By Tom Edell ·
October 11 Big Sit Results By Jim Royer ·
Attention Young Birders By Karen Beckman ·
Pipit? Nevermind By mike stiles ·
Red-throated Pipit 3 messages By mike stiles ·
Sapsucker at Cuesta By Ron Ruppert ·
FW: [CALBIRDS] LA Birders Webinar: Geographic Variation in Dark-eyed Juncos By Tom Edell ·
Golden winged warbler, Meadow Park, SLO By Steve McMasters ·
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