[eBird Alert] San Luis Obispo County Rare Bird Alert <daily> 26 messages By eBird alert ·
MCAS Field Trip-Cloisters to the Strand, August 26 By Freddy Howell ·
not rare species, but rare colored Black Turnstone 2 messages By marlin harms ·
Elegant Terns - Cayucos By Kaaren Perry ·
Location, location! By Kaaren Perry ·
MCAS Field Trip-Laguna Lake, August 13 By Freddy Howell ·
MCAS Field Trip-Montaña de Oro Multiple Habitats, August 12 By Freddy Howell ·
Allen’s hummingbird By Claudia Freitas ·
Blue, blue and more blue By Jan Bugge ·
Lucerne Overlook - Correction! By Kaaren Perry ·
Lucerne Overlook - Cayucos revisited. By Kaaren Perry ·
July 21 Morro Bay Boat Trip By Tom Edell ·
Meadow Park, heron By Lynne Breakstone ·
MCAS Field Trip-High Tide at the Morro Bay State Park Marina Boardwalk, August 6 By Freddy Howell ·
MCAS Field Trip-Shorebird Habitat on Morro Strand, August 3, 2022 By Freddy Howell ·
FRIGATEBIRD seen at the Santa Barbara Breakwater, 6:30am Today By Mike Bush ·
Bluebird nest boxes on Turri Rd By Judy Neuhauser ·
[CALBIRDS] LA Birders Webinar: Summer & Fall Sparrows, 7/19 By Kaaren Perry ·
Thursday Jul 21 pelagic - Morro Bay By Alvaro Jaramillo ·
[eBird Alert] San Luis Obispo County Rare Bird Alert <daily> 3 messages By eBird alert ·
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