Kentucky Warbler at Cerro Alto By Eric Wier ·
Kentucky Warbler, Cerro Alto Campground Road, 5/29 By Tom Edell ·
Gull By Bob Chapman ·
Laughing Gull By Bob Chapman ·
Indigo Bunting; no YT Warbler, no Hooded Warbler. By Rubba Johanna ·
Intergrade Flicker, Cerro Alto Campground, 5/27 By Tom Edell ·
Grasshopper sparrow 2 messages By Tom Graves ·
Indigo Bunting Quintana Road By RoserComeau ·
Yellow-throated Warbler, Los Osos Community Park, 5/26 By Tom Edell ·
American Robin downtown San Luis By Chris Van Beveren ·
Say's Phoebe, Cloisters Park, 5/25 By Tom Edell ·
Harmony Headlands mystery By Tom Graves ·
Yellow-throated Warbler Hotspot, Los Osos, 5/25 By Tom Edell ·
UPDATE - photos, too Re: [slocobirding] Yellow-throated Warbler By Mike Bush ·
Yellow-throated Warbler By Tom Edell ·
Hooded Warbler By Terry Kilpatrick ·
Laughing gull By Bob Chapman ·
The sounds of Coon Creek Birds By Tom Graves ·
Indigo Bunting and Phalaropes 5/22 By Rubba Johanna ·
Black Swifts By Movienight Norm ·
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