Hooded Merganser, Cayucos Creek By marlin harms ·
[eBird Alert] San Luis Obispo County Rare Bird Alert <daily> 60 messages By eBird alert ·
A message from the Black-throated Sparrow By David L. Keeling ·
Eurasian Wigeon - continuing in Cayucos 2 messages By Kaaren Perry ·
Peter Pyle - special presentation to all birders By Kaaren Perry ·
Pacific Golden-Plover, Morro Bay State Park Marina Boardwalk, 11/15 By Tom Edell ·
Streak-backed Oriole Sunday, 15 Nov By Mark Holmgren ·
White tail Kite By njmann90 ·
Pacific Golden Plover Sea Pines Golf Course By RoserComeau ·
Red Crossbill species - historical record. By Kaaren Perry ·
Nipomo Tanagers/ By Sue Girard ·
Scarlet Tanager, Nipomo, 11/14 By Tom Edell ·
Pacific Golden-Plover at Sea Pines GC By Jay Carroll ·
<<Admin Notice -- Montana De Oro construction >> By mike stiles ·
MDO - Streak-Backed Oriole continues By Kaaren Perry ·
eBird Outage Nov 17-19 - help spread the word By Tom Edell ·
Monarch Dunes By Sally Bird ·
possible "Slate-colored" Junco at Islay Creek Campground By Kevin Zimmer ·
Smack, smack. By Tom Graves ·
Cackling Geese, etc. around Morro Bay By Jim Royer ·
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