Orchard Oriole, Islay Creek Campground By Tom Edell ·
Oceano--nothing exciting By Rubba Johanna ·
Record Hummingbirds at my feeders in Cambria By Joanne Aasen ·
Laguna Lake, Saturday 9/17 By Rubba Johanna ·
Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Los Osos By Mike Bush ·
Morro Bay pelagic - one opening Sunday By Alvaro Jaramillo ·
MCAS Field Trip-Shorebirds for Beginners, October 1 By Freddy Howell ·
Ruff Continues at Cottontail Creek, Whale Rock Reservoir, Cayucos 2 messages By Mike Bush ·
Waterthrush, Cloisters pond, Morro Bay 2 messages By marlin harms ·
MCAS Field Trip-High Tide at Morro Bay State Park Marina Boardwalk, September 28 By Freddy Howell ·
Ruff at Whale Rock Reservoir 3 messages By petra schaaf ·
Hummingbird numbers increasing in Cambria By Joanne Aasen ·
Orange-crowned Warblers with gray heads By Kaaren Perry ·
White-winged Dove By Tamara Livermore ·
Oso and Oceano By Thomas Slater ·
Selasphorous By njmann90 ·
Solitary and Pectoral Sandpipers at Villa Creek By Maggie Smith ·
MCAS Field Trip-High Tide at Sweet Springs Preserve, September 24 By Freddy Howell ·
Osprey, Laguna Lake By Rubba Johanna ·
Islay Ck Campground, 9/7 By Tom Edell ·
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