Golden-crowned Sparrow - Morro Bay By Kaaren Perry ·
Finding Pecho willows By Rubba Johanna ·
Yellow-green Vireo By Nick Belardes ·
Yellow-green Vireo, Cayucos Creek by Hardie Park, 28 Sep By Tom Edell ·
2021: Final Year of Black Oystercatcher Nest Monitoring 2 messages By petra schaaf ·
YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT - Morro Bay By Kaaren Perry ·
Estero Bluffs. By Tyson Baker ·
Blackburnian Warbler, Cambria By Will Knowlton ·
Prothonotary Watbler By Jim Royer ·
Summer Tanager & Tennessee Warbler in Atascadero By Kevin Zimmer ·
Canada Warbler By Thomas Slater ·
Canada Warbler at Meadow Park By Nick Belardes ·
Red-footed Booby, Estero Bay, 9/24/2021 2 messages By David Lawrence ·
Macgillivray's Warbler - Morro Bay By Kaaren Perry ·
Virginia's Warbler - Morro Bay By Kaaren Perry ·
Oceano Lagoon By Mitch Siemens ·
Cayucos Creek and Laguna Lake, 9/21 By Tom Edell ·
WWDO in Cambria backyard.... again By Joanne Aasen ·
May I? Request binocular suggestions By Rubba Johanna ·
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